"Before selling my house I anticipated a lot of emotional turmoil throughout the process. My wife and I bought the house with two very young daughters and after my wife passed, I continued to raise my daughters in our home not wanting to make more changes to their lives. After several years I decided It was too much for a solo dad to handle. I reached out to Jason and he listened, understood, and made a challenging experience easier through his insistence on being with me every step of the way. I can’t count how many times Jason said, “I want to support you with every decision you make”, and he did. Jason made the process easier than I expected. He has also checked in to see how I am doing since the sale. If the rating scale for Jason’s service went beyond 10 I wouldn’t hesitate to rate him at the highest point every time."

- Todd Nurnberg, Blue Springs, Mo

"I had the pleasure of working with Jason in finding a house and closing the deal, while we were under a high pressure deadline. Jason made sure it happened. He truly represents his clients, offers good advice, and walks you through the process. I'd recommend Jason to anyone looking for a house or wanting to sell a house."

- Valed Lear, Kansas City, Mo